Dry Green Sand

The Perfect Solution for Homeowners, Landscape Contractors, & Golf Courses!

For Topdressing Lawns, Landscapes, & Greens


Suitable for ALL turf types!
Natural Green Color Blends With Surrounding Turf
Excellent Growing Media For Divot Repair
Ideal Fill In For Newly Planted Lawns And Landscapes
Meets USGA Specifications 


    Dry Green Divot and Topdressing Sand is high quality, very clean, and finely graded green sand. It is free of contaminants with consistent particle size. This product will produce results when used on natural or synthetic surfaces and will not discolor. 

    Dry Green Divot and Topdressing Sand is custom blended for color and size and is suitable for all turf types. It has high permeability and grain consistency that enhances root zone development. Divot color absorbs and retains heat better than lighter sands with improved grass growth. 

    Dry Green Divot and Topdressing Sand is pure sand with no mulch, seed, or fertilizer. It is suitable for fairway repair, tee box repair, greens topdressing and gives an even coverage when used with a spreader and will not clump. Add seed for fast fill-in repair of turf. 

    *Available in 50lb. bag, 2000lb. bag, and from half up to full truckloads. Prices vary and are subject to change. Shipping cost are not included. Please contact sales office for price quote and shipping details.