Cyclone Blast Cabinet Suction Feed

Cyclone Suction Feed Blast Cabinets can only be shipped via LTL truck freight due to the size and weight of the product.  Please contact us at (405)235-1387 for more information. Lead time for a Cyclone Suction Feed Blasting Cabinet is about 2 to 4 weeks, as they assemble their cabinets to order. 

 Cyclone abrasive blast cabinets are designed for cleaning and finishing with dry blast materials such as glass beads, aluminum oxide, blasting garnet, walnut shell, silicon carbide and sands. The system is sealed at all openings, such as the window. The blast system will produce several different finishes, depending on the type of blasting material and the air pressure used.


Precautionary Check List

* Always close cabinet doors before blasting.

* Make sure all air connections are secure.

* Do Not Operate Over 120 PSI.

* Use lower air pressure to clean soft metals and delicate parts.

* Always keep the blast stream moving in a circular or horizontal motion. Any blast concentrated in one area will result in pitting and uneven blast surfaces.

* Do NOT USE STEEL SHOT IN THIS BLAST CABINET! This cabinet is not designed for or set up for steel shot. Use of steel shot in this blast unit will void the warranty and possibly injure the operator!

* Do NOT USE LIQUID OF ANY KIND IN THIS BLAST CABINET! Liquids will cause the blast media to clump up and not flow through the hoses properly. Use of any liquids will void the warranty and could cause damage to the cabinet!