Blastmaster Extractor Blast Pot Moisture Separators

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Sometimes called a moisture trap, a moisture separator removes only liquid water from compressed airlines. 

A moisture management system removes moisture, oil, and other debris from the abrasive blasting air stream. Moisture and debris in an abrasive blasting system will cause abrasive to clump, clogging the metering valve, hoses, and nozzle. The Extractor Moisture Separator removes excess moisture, oil, and other debris from compressed air before it enters the blast pot. Dry air eliminates wet abrasive, typically clogging metering valves and leading to excessive wear, resulting in costly downtime and additional maintenance. Typical applications include blast yards, bridges, oil refineries, pipelines, shipyards, and storage tanks. Commonly used with abrasive blasting pots, airless sprayers, conventional sprayers and pneumatic tools. 

  • FITTINGS: Shut off valve,  2- or 4-lug air hose fitting
  • SIZES: 1” inlet x 1-1/4” outlet,  1-1/4” inlet x 1-1/4” outlet (small body),  1-1/4” inlet x 1-1/4” outlet (large body),  1-1/2” inlet x 1-1/4” outlet
  • DRAIN: Brass drain valve
  • FINISH: Black powder-coat