Blastmaster 153 Hose-End Shutoff Handle

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The hose-end shutoff gives an operator the ability to remotely activate and deactivate the flow of air and abrasive at the abrasive blasting nozzle. This increases productivity and eliminates the need for a pot tender. The Blastmaster® 153 Hose-End Shutoff is an OSHA-compliant abrasive blasting hose-end shutoff valve. When the spring-assisted lever is moved to the blasting position, the air and abrasive mixture in the abrasive blasting hose is released, allowing it to exit the abrasive blasting nozzle. When the lever is released, it returns to the non-blasting position, deactivating the flow of the air and abrasive mixture exiting the abrasive blasting nozzle. Typical applications include monument engraving, touch-up work, automobile restoration, and construction equipment maintenance. Common abrasives used include aluminum oxide, garnet, glass bead, mineral abrasives, and staurolite.



The Blastmaster® 153 Hose-End Shutoff allows the operator to activate and deactivate the flow of abrasive at the nozzle during operator repositioning, reducing abrasive consumption, abrasive costs, clean-up labor, and disposal costs.


OSHA requires an abrasive blasting pot to be equipped with a remote control system, which only operates with continuous hand pressure and closes immediately upon release of the control switch by the operator (29 CFR 1910.244(b)). This remote control system meets the OSHA requirement by providing a “Fail-to-Safe” configuration, which will deactivate the remote control system in the event the operator drops or loses control of the hose-end shutoff.


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The Blastmaster® 153 Hose-End Shutoff comes complete with a Nozzle Cap.
The Blastmaster® 153 Hose-End Shutoff body is made of durable cast iron for superior abrasion resistance, lasting up to ten times longer than aluminum.
The Blastmaster® 153 Hose-End Shutoff features a removable cover for simple maintenance and repair.