Blastmaster 152P Pneumatic Remote Switch

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The Blastmaster 152P Remote Control Switch gives an operator the ability to remotely activate and deactivate the remote control system at the blasting nozzle, eliminating the need for a pot tender, increasing productivity and reducing costs.  It features a spring-assisted safety tab and handle, providing a dual “Fail-to-Safe” design, which will deactivate the remote control system in the event the operator drops or loses control of the remote control system. The Blastmaster 152P Remote Control Switch is lightweight, has a broad handle design reducing hand fatigue when blasting for long periods of time, and is constructed of die cast aluminum for durability. Typical applications include: blast rooms, blast yards, bridges, oil refineries, pipelines, railcar shops, shipyards, and storage tanks.


OSHA requires an abrasive blasting pot to be equipped with a remote control system, which only operates with continuous hand pressure and closes immediately upon release of the control switch by the operator (29 CFR 1910.244(b)).