Blast Hose Accessories

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Always have extra coupling gaskets on hand to help extend the life of your couplings and blast hose. Choose from the rubber 10SBG for standard- ear metal couplings or urethane 10USBG, offering extended gasket life. If you are using over-sized ear couplings, the 10SBG2 is the best choice.

The specially shaped gaskets for Nylon Couplings reduces wear and tear on your couplings. The 10SBGNY2 fits #2 Nylon couplings and larger while the 10SBGNY1 provide a secure seal with our nylon coupling designed for 3/4" I.D. blast hose.

We also offer internal blast hose ends for 1/2" I.D. to 1" I.D. blast hose for use with your .15, .35 and 1.5 cu/ft Blast Machines.

Always remember to use Whipcheck Safety Cables to provide additional job site safety measures.

Safety Cables, or Whipchecks, should be used on all blast hose and air hose connections to reduce the danger caused by hose coupling failure. Hose Couplings may separate from air and blast hoses for a variety of reasons:

  • Coupling screws may lose their holding power due to internal wear on the hose tubing;
  • Use of improper coupling screws may interfere with the proper fit between couplings and hose;
  • Hose outer diameter may be to small for the coupling;
  • The continual strain caused by pulling hoses around job sites can weaken the couplings grip on the hose;
  • Couplings can also become damaged by vehicles and other equipment.