Bantam Abrasive Metering Valve

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From fine mesh aluminum oxide to steel shot and grit, our Bantam Valve precisely meters all abrasives. Abrasive metering valves regulate the amount of abrasive that enters the air stream. These abrasive metering valves give you the variable and instant abrasive control for great results for every abrasive media blast job.  Metering valves create optimum abrasive blasting efficiency by controlling the desired amount of abrasive entering the air stream. A lean air and abrasive mixture provides faster cutting, reduced abrasive consumption, increased productivity, and lower clean-up costs. 


  • low profile design
  • rugged non-corrosive body
  • urethane sleeve protects valve core
  • case hardened nipples provide superior wear resistance
  • 3 sizes of nipples available: 1", 1-1/4", & 1-1/2"
  • easy to maintain, fewer replacement parts
  • infinite metering capabilities
  • heat treated plunger for longer life



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