Marco Protective Blast Suits Safety Gear


Protect your hands and increase the protection of your forearms with the 10GL14 split leather blasting gloves. With an overall length of 14 inches and a cotton flannel lining, the leather blast gloves protect and wicks moisture away from your hands. 

Blastmaster® Ultralite and Leather Abrasive Blasting Suits are designed with the strength to provide protection in the most demanding working environments. When compared to traditional clothing options, Marco’s Ultralite and Leather Blast Suits are an economical and durable choice. Typical applications include blast rooms, blast yards, bridges, oil refineries, pipelines, railcar shops, shipyards, and storage tanks.


A blast suit should be worn when blasting to provide an operator with a protective barrier against harsh job site conditions. The unique design and high-quality materials used in the construction of Marco’s Blast Suits are selected to provide superior resistance to abrasive rebound, ripping, and general wear. A dedicated blast suit reduces the risk of carrying abrasive and contaminants from the work site.


The Ultralite Blast Suit is a durable, light-weight coverall designed specifically for abrasive blasting environments where mineral, slag, and other non-ferrous abrasives are used. This blast suit is constructed of a durable nylon front and a breathable cotton twill back, offering operator comfort and protection against abrasive rebound. The durable zipper is protected by an overlay flap with a heavy-duty hook and loop seal, effectively keeping abrasive out. Generous sizing in the armholes and legs allows the operator greater freedom of movement and the ability to suit-up while wearing boots.

The Leather Blast Suit is designed to endure the roughest environments. and is a popular choice when working in tight spaces, cold weather, and environments where rebound is heavy. This suit is ideal for applications where aluminum oxide, carbon steel shot, or carbon steel grit is being used. This suit is designed with leather covering the areas most effected by abrasive rebound. The durable zipper is protected by an overlay flap with a heavy-duty hook and loop seal, effectively keeping abrasive out.

  • The knees of the Red Ultralite Blast Suit are reinforced with leather and the Blue Nylon Blast Suit are canvas for increased durability, extending the life of the blast suit. 
  • All blast suits feature a breathable cotton twill back to keep the operator comfortable. Two back pockets with holes for draining abrasive provide storage for extra blast helmet lenses and tools.
  • Red Ultralite Nylon Blast Suits include knit cuffs for a flexible fit and easy wear. Designed for keeping abrasive and debris out of the sleeves while blasting.
  • Blue Ultralite Nylon Blast Suits include Hook & Loop cuff style strap. 
  • Leather Blast Suit includes leather cuff style strap. 
  • The large-tooth zipper of the Ultralite Blast Suits and snap-closure of the Leather Blast Suits are protected from abrasive by an Overlay panel with heavy-duty hook and loop fastener.

Superior abrasive resistance every abrasive blaster should wear for optimal body protection from over-spray and environmental ailments while blasting. 

Be safe and make sure to wear a blast protective suit, gloves, and a blast hood.

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