Pauli & Griffin .50 cu/ft Rebuilt Blast Pot

This Manually Controlled Pauli & Griffin .50 cubic feet/50lb. Blast Pot is perfect for small blast jobs! 

The quality of an industrial blaster right at your finger tips. It's portable on wheels and lightweight, making it easy and convenient to move. 

Save time and energy with a Portable Abrasive Blaster! 

Replaces the hard work of:

  • Hand Sanding
  • Polishing
  • Surface Cleaning/Resurfacing 
  • Surface Stripping
  • Surface Prepping 
  • Paint Removal
  • Rust Removal 
  • Coating Removal
  • Glass Etching 

~ Blasting Is Ideal For Almost Any Surface

  • Wood
  • Soft Metals and Steel 
  • Stone, Brick, Concrete 
  • Tile
  • Glass

(Surface determines type of media/abrasive needed.) 

~ Smaller Blast Pots Are Perfect For

  • Car Parts/Car Body Stripping 
  • Bicycles and Wagons
  • Lawn Furniture 
  • Sidewalks and Home Exterior Cleaning 
  • Trailers 

And So Much More!

These smaller blast pots are made for the small business owners, hobbyist, or homeowners that need a little surface abrasive blasting here and there! 

* Blast Pot Packages Are Available * 

For Blast Pot Package

Blast Pot Package, $1800 additional cost, Includes:

  • 1” Air Hose – 50’
  • ¾” Air Hose – 50’
  • CPF Filter
  • 3/8” Breathing Air Hose – 50’
  • Blast Hood – Apollo 600 Deluxe with Cool Tube
  • Twin Line – 50’
  • Blast Hose – 50’
  • Nozzle - #5
  • Deadman Remote Control Switch

Blast Pot Add-On Options

Separate individual additional items that can be added on to package with additional cost (prices will vary depending on size, style, and/or type):

  • Lid/Cover for Pot
  • Blast Safety Gloves
  • Co2 Monitor **Required by NIOSH**
  • Ear Plugs
  • Blast Safety Glasses 
  • Blast Suit

We welcome our buyers to test blast pots on site to ensure quality and functionality of our reconditioned rebuilt blast pots. 

Before you make your purchase, please contact us at (405)235-1387 for accurate pricing and details.

*Purchase As Is, Where Is*

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