New Clemco Contractor Series 6.0 cu/ft Pneumatic Blast Machine

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Clemco Contractor Blast Machines are versatile, reliable, and rugged enough to remove contamination, corrosion, mill scale, and coatings from most surfaces and have hundreds of other uses. They produce a uniform surface texture and create a surface profile to increase bonding for coatings.

New Clemco 600lb. 6.0 cu/ft Contractor Pneumatic Blast Pot

Complete Clemco Contractor Package 

The Contractor Series product line package includes safety equipment, nozzles, holders, couplings, and hoses to complement the performance and reliability of your Contractor Blast Machine - Built to the highest quality.

Your Contractor Blast machine comes mounted on an ergonomic cart made from heavy-duty steel tubing. This built-in cart makes it easy to move your blast machine - both at the blast site and onto or off your pickup or trailer.

The carts handles form a cage that protects the components most likely to be damaged - remote control valves, piping, CPF breathing air filter. 

Large rear tires make moving your Contractor Blast Machine easy and convenient to move. The free-wheeling tires roll easily over minor surface irregularities and the cart safely supports the weight to eliminate the strain on your back. 

Contractor Blast Pots are rated for 150 PSI working pressure - meeting the demands of high productivity of commercial and industrial jobs. 

Your Contractor Blast Machine is built in compliance with ASME code, which is your assurance that the pressure vessel will stand up to years of high-production blasting! 

Details make the difference!

The large hand hole is reinforced with a ring of 3/8-inch steel, cut to conform to the wall of the blast machine and welded inside and out, leaving fewer nooks and crannies where abrasive can collect. 

In the front leg - a weather-tight storage bin for your owner's manuals, so your operating instructions, maintenance schedule, and replacement parts list are always at your fingertips. 

Convenient hookup points for hoses! Hookup points for blast hose and remote controls are all mounted on the front leg, and a space is provided for your breathing air line, so you spend less time fumbling with connections and more time blasting. 

The unique, Millennium inlet/outlet remote control valve has just two moving parts and can be field serviced with standard tools. The Quantum metering valve handles all conventional abrasives and is designed to be easy to use and easy to maintain. Optimal electric remote controls!

Save money, time and energy with a portable abrasive blast machine! 

Blast Machine Add-On Options

Separate Individual Additional Items that can be added on to package with additional cost:

(Prices will vary depending on size, style, and/or type.)

  • Co2 Monitor *required by NIOSH
  • Ear Plugs
  • Blast Safety Glasses
  • Blast Suit
Available Literature:

21954 – 6 cuft Contractor Blast Machine

21948 – 6 cuft Contractor Blast Machine with HP Respirator

22793 – 6 cuft Contractor Blast Machine with LP Respirator

21951 – 6 cuft Contractor Blast Machine with CPF Filter