Clemco Spin Blast Internal Pipe Blasting Tool for 8" to 60" Pipe

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The Clemco Spin-Blast is a highly specialized attachment connected to the end of a pressure blast machine hose, specifically designed to restore any type of pipe to white metal clean without need of rotating pipe.  With the complete removal of virtually any contaminant and with a highly desirable "tooth", the interior pipe surface is superbly prepared for the application of long-life coatings.

The Spin-Blast comes in two model sizes: SB-836 for pipes 8-inch ID to 36-inch ID, with the standard nozzle head; and SB-3660 for pipes from 36-inch to 60-inch ID with a nozzle head capable of holding two nozzles.

The Spin-Blast can be used with all common abrasives, except aluminum oxide and silicon carbide.  Simple preventive maintenance allows low-cost operation. Three nozzles of varied orifices and two centering carriages are available to accommodate pipes. Either carriage is quickly adjustable for any diameter within the size range.

The Spin-Blast is connected with 1-1/4 inch pipe lance to a standard blast machine. Preferably, the lance should be the length (up to 40 ft.) of the pipe being cleaned.  To operate, the Spin-Blast is first pushed through the length of the pipe while the blast machine is idle.  The air is fed from the blast machine, which starts the blast head rotating.  With full rotating speed quickly obtained, the abrasive control valve on the blast machine is opened.  When the abrasive ejects from the spinning nozzle, the blasting is in progress, signaling the operator to withdraw the tool to clean the entire pipe length.  Blasting speed is determined by the specific cleaning requirements.  Standard unit delivered with 1/4 inch orifice by 1-3/4 inch long nozzles.

In operation, two standard nozzles installed on the head cause the head to rotate and propel abrasive to the pipe surface for incomparable hitting force. SB-3660 uses long Venturi nozzles for effective blasting of larger ID pipe.