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The KwikFire 130 Remote Control System on the HP-Series blast machine offers a practical method for increasing productivity with a pressure-hold configuration. A pressure-hold design allows the blast machine to remain pressurized in the non-blasting position, minimizing response time between stopping and starting. A few other benefits associated with a pressure hold setup include a reduced workload on the air compressor and a reduction in the amount of moisture introduced into the pot. The KwikFire 130 Remote Control System offers the combination of the durable Gatekeeper Air Valve and the precise metering capabilities of the Maxum Metering Valve to provide absolute control throughout the blasting process. The KwikFire 130 Remote Control System also offers the added protection of a normally-closed, fail-to-safe design.

The Maxum Metering Valve & GateKeeper Air Valve work together to not only improve response time, but also to reduce abrasive consumption. Most blast pots utilize a passive, normally open metering valve, which can waste abrasive and reduce productivity at the nozzle. In such a system, when the remote control handle is in the non-blasting position, abrasive continues to flow into the metering valve’s mixing chamber. When the operator resumes blasting, the system will chug for a few seconds until the excess abrasive is cleared out and the air & abrasive fall back into a productive mixture. This event causes abrasive to be spent unproductively and reduces the operator’s production. On the other hand, the KwikFire 130 (Maxum/GateKeeper) configuration is designed to shut off the flow of abrasive at the metering valve, ahead of the mixing chamber, therefore eliminating the delays and wasted abrasive often found with a normally open metering valve.

Features Benefits
Pressure hold configuration Allows blast pot to remain pressurized in the non-blasting position, minimizing response time between stopping & starting
Cast Aluminum Muffler – Marco Exclusive Offers a durable solution for reducing noise and preventing particles from freely exiting the blast pot
Normally closed Maxum Metering Valve By shutting-off the flow of abrasive ahead of the mixing chamber abrasive does not pack-up in the metering valve and blast hose; therefore, reducing abrasive “chugging” and the amount of abrasive that is spent unproductively
Reduction in frequency of pressurization cycles The number of occasions where large volumes of hot and moist air is pumped into the tank to pressurize the unit are minimized, which reduces moisture issues
Reduced work load on the compressor A more consistent demand for air allows the compressor to run at a steady run rate, improving the fuel efficiency of your compressor
Detailed Individual Manuals for each Complete Component – Marco Exclusive Quick and complete access to pertinent information to properly operator and maintain the equipment
90 Degree Bottom Cone Provide a steady and consistent flow of abrasive
Heavy Duty Handle The unit can be easily maneuvered around the jobsite


  • Capacity
    • 3.5 cu/ft
    • 6.5 cu/ft
  • Remote Control System
    • Pneumatic
    • 12V DC Electric
    • 120 V AC Electric
  • Size of Metering Valve
    • 1”
    • 1-1/4”
    • 1-1/2”
  • Type of Sleeve
    • Tungsten Carbide Sleeve
    • Urethane Sleeve
  • Base
    • Wheels - Portable
    • Fork Pockets - Stationary
  • Loading Skid
    • No Loading Skid
    • Field Installed Loading Skid
    • Marco Installed Loading Skid