Clemco Hollo-Blast Jr. Internal Pipe Blasting Tool for 3/4" - 2" Pipe

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Hollo-Blast Jr. ~ The Hollo-Blast Jr. is designed to blast clean pipe or tubing from 3/4 inch to 2 inch inside diameter, in 1/4 inch and 1/2 inch increments. The tool is mounted on 3/8 inch pipe lance for the length of tubing to be cleaned. A tungsten carbide lined reducer adapts the 3/8 inch lance to standard straight 1-1/4 inch thread for attachment to blast machine hose.  Operation of the Hollo-Blast Jr. is the same as Hollo Blast. Air consumption is 80 CFM.  Recommended abrasive size is 30 mesh or finer.

Internal pipe surface preparation is accomplished easier, faster, and more economically by using high quality pipe cleaning tools.  These tools are designed to blast clean without the necessity of rotating the pipe. They remove rust, old paint, and any other contaminant better than any other method. Through highly powered abrasive impact, precise surface profiles can be obtained, which will ensure proper adhesion for long life coatings. Standard abrasive blast machines are used in conjunction with all pipe cleaning tools. Pipe cleaning tools are constructed, in part, of high grade Tungsten Carbide, and engineered to provide many hours of productive work. Various Tungsten Carbide nozzle sizes are available to comply with a wide range of pipe diameters. Any standard blasting abrasive/media may be used, with the exception of Aluminum Oxide and Silicone Carbide. Maximum abrasive size for the Hollo Blast Tool is 20 mesh.

Area of application

internal pipe cleaning (3/4" - 2"/19 - 50mm)

Air consumption 3 m³/min at 9 bar
Abrasive media suitable for every current media
Maximum grain size 0,8 mm
Media consumption 180 l/h at 9 bar
Blasting pressure 0 < > 12 bar
Nozzle size 7,1 mm
Operating temperature 0°C < > 50°C
Surface coverage ~ 200mm /min (SA-2 1/2)