Burnaway Plus

Get ready for Summer now and be prepared for those summer sunburns, bug bites, stings and other skin irritations!


Burn accidents can happen on the job, at home, or on vacation. Causes range from kitchen scalds and hot irons, to arc welders and chemical fires, even motorcycle mufflers. They result in the most painful injuries and even less severe burns can make the victim go into life threatening shockOnly fast emergency first aid can reduce the damage and trauma resulting from a burn. The question is not if, but when a burn will occur.  Ask yourself...

Am I prepared for a burn accident?

Do I have the proper first aid training and supplies?


 This product is the result of over 30 years of research and development. Unlike most over-the-counter remedies, Burnaway Plus does not contain petroleum grease, alcohol, or any other ingredients that may sting or aggravate burns. Instead, much like your body, it has a water base, which acts as a soothing coolant and carrier of Burnaways' natural components, including Aloe, Tea Tree Oil, Clove Oil, and Hawaiian Ginger. 

Burnaway Plus provides immediate comfort for irritations of all kinds, such as Sunburns, Insect bites/stings (including Fire Ants), Skin rashes,
Poison Ivy, and Minor cuts and Lesions. 
Simply apply on the affected area (dab, don't rub!) immediately for comfort, and as needed for continued relief and faster healing!

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Here's a recent letter from one of our many satisfied Burnaway Plus users:

I was glad to see there was a way to tell you my story, at least my latest mishap.
I had just taken an upside down cake from out of the oven and was inverting it.  I did NOT notice my syrup mixture was much more unset than usual.  Thus I wound up spilling HOT syrup mixture all over my arm. 
Thank goodness I had two things handy - first I ran water over my arm to stop the heat - and second - My OLD bottle of BurnAway.  I immediately reached for it and poured it over my arm.  Waited a few minutes and poured a bit more on.  And as I knew what would happen, since I keep bottles everywhere in my house, the burn never really hurt since it was so quickly done.
I’ve included a few pictures for you to show you how bad it was.  The only place I had to “bubble” was at the very top were I probably didn’t get enough on.
I purchased my first bottle at a trade show in OKC, back in 1993. I’m never out of it and have given small bottles of it to most of my extended family. 
I’ve got a new great grandson and I’m definitely ordering one for them.
I hadn’t thought to use it for fire ants, and poison ivy, (which I’m extremely allergic to), so was glad to see this on your website.
Wish more people knew of this fantastic product - I believe it should be in every home.  Just thought, I’ll be adding this to wedding gifts from now on!!!!!
Thank you for being there!"
Sheila C.